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  2. Hi, and welcome to my simple dot com.
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  5. My name is Markus and I live in a small town in Finland called Jakobstad. I spend an awful lot of time at my battlestation staring at a screen, be it gaming, coding or whatever. And when I'm not busy getting my eyes to go square I love to pamper my ears with some good old music. And of course it's gotta be analog and coming from a spinning disc, aka a vinyl record.
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  8. Click here. Yep, that's me, Markus.
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  11. If it's about words I usually trust my old Apple laptop and a clicky sixty for input. But when in battle and getting my ass kicked in PUBG I'm rocking a Kaby Lake fiver running at 5ghz and a GTX 1080 in a sweet Ncase.
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  16. Get in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or just drop me an old school mail.