Markus Bjorklund

Student at Centria

University of Applied Sciences


Hello. I am Markus and I am 42 years old and live in Jakobstad. I have almost 15 years of experience as an layout journalist and I am currently on my path to become a software developer.

I am interested in modern app and web development and I think that my background in both typography, design and markup can provide a benefit in that field.


Address: Tengstromsgatan 67 68620 Jakobstad

Phone: 050-5875645






Premiere Pro




React *


C Sharp *

* currently studying






Partner Sofia

Max and Morris

Vinyl collection

Westfalia camper

Craft beer


May 2008 — PresentHSS Media

Layout journalist | Web publisher

Editing and layouting articles for the swedish newspaper Österbottens Tidning in Ostrobothnia using Indesign. Planning and creating structure and editorial content for the printed version of the newspaper using Newspilots editorial workflow.

Also worked as a Web publisher which involved updating the website, posting to social media and reporting fast about local, national and international news.

January 2006 — May 2008Österbottningen

Layout journalist

Editing and layouting articles for the swedish newspaper in the Central Ostrobothnia area. When I started there most of the work was done using Quarkxpress but later changed to Indesign. In 2008 the newspaper joined Jakobstads Tidning and became part of Österbottens Tidning.

June 2002 — December 2004B.Portin

Metal fabricator

Fabrication of parts made from steel. Loading and unloading trucks with a forklift.

May 1999 — June 2002Kock Metall

Metal fabricator

TIG and MIG welding of aluminum and fabrication of parts made from aluminum.

July 1997 — March 1998ABB Installatiot

Delivery driver

Delivering household appliances and home electronics to customers.


January 2020 — PresentCentria

Junior developer

Currently I am attending Centria University of Applied Sciences program "Road to Software Engineering" to learn software development.

The studies include mathemetics, software development tools, fundamentals of programming, C# programming, databases, algorithms and RESTful application development.


Graphic design

Briefly attended the graphic design program at Västra Nylands Folkhögskola.

2004 — 2005Korsnäs kurscenter

Layout | Graphic design

Studied traditional layout for print using the software available at the time of the studies. Also studied how to structure and build adverts and how to process images to be used for printing.



Basics of programming with PHP using the most common practices during the time of the studies.


Web development

Web development using the most common practices during the time of the studies.

1999 — 2002Korsnäs kurscenter

Metal fabricator

Studied different techniques to process and fabricate parts using steel and other metals. Also got my welding certificate for MIG and stick welding.

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